quality management ISO 9001

Our company is certified by TÜV Süd according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2015. Our entire processes are strictly based on these specifications. This allows us to avoid errors and optimize processes as well as to achieve complete traceability of the individual components.

testing methods

Each individual part is tested before assembling. In addition to 3D metrology to verify the accuracy of our components, we subject the parts long-term functional and material testing.
Thats why we can offer our customers a consistently good quality.
3D measurement using FARO measurement arm

operation test

Upon completion, every part has to pass a function test. We use our water pump vacuum test machine to check for possible leaks for example.

Long-term tests

To verify and ensure the longevity of our units, we use long-term stress on a special test rig that simulates the function in the vehicle. Thus, we can realistically simulate the different periods of stress during use in the vehicle.